My name is Eric D Lloyd. I am a husband, a father, and disciple of Christ. I graduated from Liberty School of Divinity with a MDiv in Biblical Studies in July, 2016, and I have walked away from that experience excited about God, burdened with the Gospel, and motivated in life.

My research interests include biblical theology, systematic theology and apologetics, with specific interest in Theology Proper, Historical Jesus, Christology, divine providence, and the problem of evil.

My ministry passion is two-fold: 1) First, for the church to realign its proclamation to the apostolic gospel as delivered in 1 Corinthians 15:3-5. 2) Second, evangelism that creates disciples and as a result, agents of the kingdom of God.

Everything I know I have learned from someone else (clearly), but here are a few people who have influenced my thinking the most:

  1. William Lane Craig
  2. Paul Washer
  3. N.T. Wright
  4. Timothy Keller
  5. Jeff Durban
  6. JI Packer
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