The Doctrine of Inspiration (part 3)

We wrapped up our discussion of inspiration by offering a possible model for the mode of a verbal plenary view of inspiration. We adopted the view proposed by Dr. Craig which employs a middle-knowledge perspective on the mode of inspiration. God knows what any man would freely do in any situation in which they … Continue reading

The Doctrine of Inspiration (part 2)

This week we continued our survey of the theories of inspiration. We saw that while a few of these theories (such as the eclectic view) have attractive qualities, the traditional Evangelical position is the verbal-plenary view of inspiration. However, the tension remains; how can we say that the Holy Spirit … Continue reading

The Doctrine of Inspiration (part 1)

In our 7th week we discussed the biblical foundations for a doctrine of inspiration. Jesus’ promise of Holy Spirit’s guidance (John 14:26: 16:13a) suggests that he disciples would have the same divine superintendence upon their proclamations as the Old Testament prophets when they were “carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21). … Continue reading