The Eternality of God

We continued our discussion of God’s attributes this week by investigating God’s relationship to time. The biblical data affirms that God is not bound by time and that He exists eternally. However, the biblical data is undeterminative regarding God’s actual relation to time. Does God exist outside of time or … Continue reading

The Crescendo of Christ

The Christian understanding of Christ’s birth has been unfortunately isolated from the context of redemptive history in most Christmas celebrations. However, the birth of Jesus (i.e. the incarnation) was not some random, divine event that came on to the scene without any context. Rather, the incarnation is the crescendo of a divine … Continue reading

The Ontology of God (part 2)

This week we finished framing a theistic concept of God and moved on to developing a distinctly Christian view of God.  We saw that although God is Spirit, Scripture sometimes describes God in human terms (anthropomorphism) and that God even manifests Himself in physical form (theophany). Finally, we discussed God’s … Continue reading