The Doctrine of Inspiration (part 1)

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Systematic TheologyIn our 7th week we discussed the biblical foundations for a doctrine of inspiration. Jesus’ promise of Holy Spirit’s guidance (John 14:26: 16:13a) suggests that he disciples would have the same divine superintendence upon their proclamations as the Old Testament prophets when they were “carried along by the Holy Spirit” (2 Peter 1:21). This is why New Testament authors, such as Paul, were sure that their message was directly from God (Galatians 1:11-12; 1 Thessalonians 2:9-1).

We then began surveying the various theories of inspiration proposed throughout history. We discussed three theories including Natural Inspiration, Spiritual Illumination, and Conceptual (Dynamic) Inspiration. We will pick up on our survey and assessment of these theories next week.

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