Reflections on Worship

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Worship Fest LogoOn June 24, 2016 a brainchild of my brother, Michael Lloyd, came to fruition in an awesome event dubbed Worship Fest. It was great night of worship with talented musicians and singers glorifying the King of Kings!

I was blessed with the opportunity to give three talks as the plenary speaker at this event. Included here are all three of those talks. In the first session I attempt to provide a biblical foundation of worship. I develop that foundation in the second session where I talk about how authentic worship is achieved in light of the biblical data. Finally, in the third session, I argue that worship is not to be confined to singing in the worship service, but is the Kingdom goal of every Christian’s life.

Talk #1 – Biblical Foundations of Worship


Talk #2 – Achieving Authentic Worship


Talk #3 – Kingdom Worship

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  1. really good message and spoken well. but back ground noise and music made it hard to listen to BECAUSE I DONT HEAR WELL

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