Discovering the Glorious Gospel Series

Image result for discovering the glorious gospelThe teachings below are my Sunday School teachings based off of the Discovering the Glorious Gospel study.

  1. The Divine Dilemma (ch. 1)
  2. God Saved Man for His Glory (ch. 2, part 1)
  3. God Saved Man for the Love of His People (ch. 2, part 2)
  4. The Son Came for His Father’s Glory (ch. 3, part 1)
  5. The Son Came for His Great Love Toward Us (ch. 3, part 2)
  6. The Son Came for the Joy Set Before Him (ch. 3, part 3)
  7. The Son of God in Glory (ch. 4)
  8. The Son Became Man (ch. 5)
  9. The Son Became Man (ch. 6)
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