Week 5 – The History of Jesus as the History of Israel

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GospelIn week 5, we continue to investigate how the history of Israel was being replayed in the life and Person of Jesus.

We see that Jesus was assuming the role of YWH by instituting an entirely  new and symbolic Israel in his selection of the twelve disciples.

We also look at the echoes of exile in Jesus’ destruction of the Temple, which was the symbolic replacement of the Jewish temple with the temple of Jesus’ body. Now, it is Jesus himself who exists as the true center of worship.

The Babylonian exile was also being replayed in Jesus’ passion when he was led captive out of the city – just like Israel was in 586 B.C. Only this time, instead of all the “treasures and riches” of Israel being carried outside of Jerusalem – Jesus carries the sins of Israel out of Jerusalem in the form of a cross.

Finally, we discuss how Jesus compares the redemptive effects of being lifted up on the cross to the delivering effect of Moses elevating the serpent in the wilderness, so that whoever looks on Him will have eternal life (John 3:14-15).

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