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Best Free Bible Reference Sites
These sites are the best online Bible reference resources I have found on the Internet. A little history on It was a resource that came out of Chuck Missler’s ministry and if you don’t know about Chuck, you might want to check out the video resources on KHouse as he was an out of the box thinker and an awesome Bible teacher. Sadly Chuck passed away last year, 2018 but leaves behind a legacy of awesome teachings and awesome Bible tools behind.

Each of these sites provide many English translations, tools such as commentaries, Strong’s Concordance, dictionaries, Interlinear Hebrew and Greek Bibles and much more.

Best Free Video Bible Training Sites Free in depth verse-by-verse Bible teaching by Stephen Armstrong for pastors and students alike. Great Bible teaching by well known and respected teachers such as Dr. Bill Mounce, Dr. Gerry Breshears, Dr. Greg Beale and many more. Also free!

Best Biblical Apologist YouTube Channels

For those interested in reaffirming their faith, defending the faith, I believe you will find that the resources below will help you in fulfilling that purpose in your life.

Acts 17 Apologetics
You might want to check out David Woods testimory on his Acts 17 Apologetics YouTube Channel, it is hard to watch and amazing at the same time.

Capturing Christianity
Cameron Bartuzzi states what his channel is about best in his channel byline. “I’m a professional photographer doing Christian apologetics. We are exposing the intellectual side of Christian belief.”

DRCraigVideos https//
William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at the Talbot School of Theology. A respected debater, prominent Internet presence, and author of Reasonable Faith, Dr. Craig is one of the most influential defenders of Christianity in our day.

Impact 360 Institute
Impact 360 Institute exists to equip a new generation of Christ-centered influencers to understand, defend, and live out their faith in the marketplace. Know. Be. Live.

This channel tackles such subjects as Apologetics, Philosophy and Science. A wealth of knowledge can be found in the videos on this YouTube channel.

Invoking Theism
This channel is dedicated towards providing adequate facts and reason for faith and Christianity. The videos published are to challenge the skeptic and enable the believer to respond with a defense for the faith. Topics covered are philosophy, theology, and science.

Official channel for JMDapologetics, will help answer objections to Christianity. 75% youth leave their church because of bad answers to their questions, which is very poor representation of true Christianity. I work on helping to answer these questions and to make a case for Christianity. 1 peter 3:15 commands the Christian to give a defense in what they hope in and many other verses like Isaiah 1:18 that says to “come now, and let us reason together.” As a Christian, it’s my duty to give good answers to good questions. Apologetics saved my faith in Christ and can save yours if you seek with an open heart. The purpose of this channel is to help answer these objections and make a defense for Christianity.

Johanna Raatz
Johanna describes his channel purpose this way: “Blowing up materialism with physics and other fun topics!” Many good interviews and scientific videos available here.

Mike Winger
Mike Winger is an associate pastor at Hosanna Christian Fellowship in Bellflower, CA. . Mike is the featured teacher of BibleThinker online ministry. He graduated from the School of Ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa in 2006. He has been attending and serving at Hosanna Christian Fellowship since 2000 and became ordained as a pastor there in 2006, having served in various ministries there with a primary focus on being the pastor for the youth. Mike is strongly committed to a careful and thoughtful study of the Bible with a view toward answering skeptics challenges with reason and scripture.

He believes that God has called him to make disciples through a teaching ministry and is driven by great confidence in the sufficiency and truth of the Bible and the Christian worldview to not only inform us of the reality and truth of Jesus and the Bible but to equip us to live all of life rightly and to worship God in truth. Mike’s teachings can also be found on his website

The One Minute Apologist exists to provide Christians with credible answers to curious questions. Most but not all videos are small bites in under a minute.

Ravi Zaharias International Ministries
Official YouTube Channel of Ravi Zaharias  International Ministries. Great teaching videos on his YouTube channel and on In just 5 years we’ve had 10,000 students from 130 different countries and created courses in 4 different languages.

Stand to Reason trains Christians to think more clearly about their faith and to make an even-handed, incisive, yet gracious defense for classical Christianity and classical Christian values in the public square. Clear Thinking Christianity.

Unbelievable? with Justin Brierley. The weekly show and podcast from Premier Christian Radio that brings Christians and sceptics together for dialogue and debate.

Each Saturday, in the award-winning show, Justin Brierley asks questions like:
Can Christianity live up to the claims it makes?
Can we trust the Bible?
Why should I believe in Jesus over anything else?
Justin tackles these and other issues, on a show that gets Christians and non-believers talking to each other.

Whaddo You Meme??
If you enjoy talks about Christianity, Christian Apologetics, current cultural issues, religion, politics, laughing, and stuff like that, we got you covered! This page is dedicated to responding to anti-Christian memes, videos, and breezy slogans, and regularly features guests such as David Wood of Acts 17, Vocab Malone, Dr. William Lane Craig, Dr. Craig Blomberg, Robert Spencer, and many more!

Of course there are many more great apologetics sites on YouTube but these will provide a starting point, each of which have great content and information. Hope you enjoy as you watch, listen and learn along with many others.

Best YouTube Bible Prophecy Channels

Fellowship Bible
Look for John Haller’s prophecy posts on Sunday afternoons. John by weekday is a lawyer in the state of Ohio. He posts prophecy updates weekly around current prophetic events taking place in our world.

Calvary Chapel Kaneohe
The official YouTube channel of renowned Bible Prophecy speaker and Pastor, J.D. Farag of Calvary Chapel Kaneohe in Hawaii. With nearly 300 Million minutes watched, this is one of YouTube’s most popular channels related to End Times news and global events


Anytime someone promotes something as the best of something, there are always at least 2 limiting factors. One is the fact that no matter how much research you do, you are still limited to evaluating just the sites you have found and the second is that it is still just one person’s opinion. So when I say the “Best” Online Free Bible Study Tools or Websites I am saying just that, in my opinion and best of the sites I have run across. I have been at this Internet thing though for 23 years at this writing so I have run across a lot of Bible Study related sites in that time. so I hope you found this article helpful and interesting. God bless!

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